About us

Hi there Witches. The universe has connected us and we are so happy to have you here.
We are a mother-daughter duo and we follow the path of the green witch. Spell By Daisy was born from our love of earth magick meeting our love of hobby herbalism and now we want to share the life changing benefits of working with the magick of nature with you.
Now more than ever it's vital to take care of yourself and show some love for yourself when life can be so overwhelming. Herbal magick can be the answer! We have gathered some of the most useful herbal allies for a witch and magickal goods to curate a range to raise your vibration so you can experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love and joy. We want to empower you and awaken the witch within.

We are proudly an Australian company and our kits are made with love and magick in our studio on the sunny Gold Coast. Our products are high quality, they look beautiful and you will love using them.

For witchy tips follow us @spellbydaisy

Blessed be - Michelle and Daisy xx